Business services.

We pay special attention to all those customers who book in for business reasons and are looking for a comfortable place.

Our motto – Feel like home – describes really well the chance our customers have to rest in a relaxing and comfortable environment, enjoying a healthy cuisine in line with their needs or diet.

A new service awaits you at the Excelsior: the new Poseidon Spa welcomes you to change your business trip into a relaxing moment.

The fitness area also allows you to relax your body and mind keeping you fit while away from home.

Additional services for customers

Our specific services for companies

Social events and company meetings.

The hotel helps to organise special events and social activities for business:

  • Tennis and soccer tournaments;
  • Go-karts;
  • Excursions and tours to the countryside;
  • Sailboat excursion;
  • Social evenings.
Business Service.

The hotel offers its guests a range of facilities that help them to work in the hotel as they were in their own office.